Posted by Tiffen Mbuaki on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 04/16/2022

Excellent! I highly recommend!

I ordered my beige Lehenga from Narkis Fashion and the quality is just EXCELLENT! I highly recommend.

Posted by Sylvia Sissy on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 01/20/2022

My wedding lahenga

My wedding lahenga was just beautiful, the perfect measurements a real pro job I admit that I didn't expect it to be so good. I recommend her seriously and the saleswoman knows her job good welcome good advice thank you Narkis very nice experience, 👍

Posted by Ankilati Abdou on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 01/19/2022

Very good quality I recommend…

Very good quality I recommend 😍😍😍❤️

Posted by Ben Peg on Trustpilot - 5 stars, 04/01/2022

Great creativity and efficiency

Narkis Fashion is a high quality specialty store. They offer a large number of outfits, very varied. All outfits are adapted to the morphology of the buyer with care and professionalism. I dress in size 56 and they managed to put together a dress and a sari to create a bespoke dress for me in 3 weeks. They were incredibly creative and efficient.

Posted by WS on Trustpilot - 5 stars on 25/12/2021

great customer experience with…

great customer experience with attentive people who take care to respond to our requests!

Posted by Catoush Tien-Liong on Trustpilot - 5 stars on 17/11/2021


Hello, I am extremely happy to have discovered this site and that the articles are interesting, especially in terms of price.
Thank you.

Posted by Milena U. on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 17/11/2021


I have just received my very first order.
The AWAMIRA dress in burgundy is just STUNNING, true to the photo. The fabrics are richly ornamented, the drape - class, and the tailoring impeccable. The exchanges on this subject with the team were very pleasant and I really had the impression of being privileged. I will definitely be ordering other outfits in the future. Highly recommend!

Posted by Mariame Ahamed on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 10/11/2021

I love my gorgeous outfit

Posted by Heerah Shaik on Trustpilot - 5 Stars, 09/27/2021

Very satisfied

Very satisfied with my outfits,
1/trendy garment
2/Quality, the cut tailored, very high quality sewing with an exceptional welcome, very interesting site.
I'm waiting for the next event to return, with regular novelties.
I recommend without exception.

Without forgetting, the lady is listening and she gives good ideas given her seniority of experience and she realizes the choice very quickly...

Posted by Suchitra Raaingoson on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 09/22/2021

I am delighted with my choice

I'm happy with my choice. It's perfect 👌

Posted by Marie Velasco on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 09/13/2021

Exceptional welcome

Exceptional welcome, very high quality clothing and sewing work. They are honest and give good advice. Go there without worries, you will find what you need. Their collection is of quality and adapted to each situation. As far as I'm concerned, I'll go back without a problem.
Thank you again for your kindness, your advice, your speed, not to mention your adorable seamstress.

Posted by Reshmi Gomes on Trustpilot - 5 Stars, 09/13/2021

Very very satisfied!!

This shop offers very pretty models of lehenga and other Indian clothing I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, especially since the support throughout (from the purchase to the final result after alterations) was quality. We won't hesitate to come back to Narkis 😊

Posted by Edith on Trustpilot - 4 stars, on 09/11/2021

Saris and bridal attire

I went looking for my wedding saree on the internet and I discovered the Narkisfashion website! Very nice discovery and I loved the possibility of the showroom!! 👍👍 Amina who welcomes you is very pleasant, welcoming and attentive. I bought 3 magnificent outfits and my sisters-in-law who discovered the saree, loved it and fell in love! The choice of saris is wide, very beautiful colors. In short, you will not be disappointed, quite the contrary! Happy shopping 😉 Edith

Posted by Kelly Mohammad on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 09/11/2021

The clothes are really high quality

The clothes are really high quality, there is a wide choice of models and the saleswoman is very attentive, very friendly and really welcoming!
I really recommend!

Posted by Tan Ghivalla on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 09/10/2021

Very satisfied with the welcome and the…

Very satisfied with the reception and follow-up of the order. The clothes are well made and of good quality. I had the opportunity to take several outfits at NarkisFashion and always delighted. Thank you for your welcome and your kindness. I highly recommend

Posted by Linda on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 09/10/2021

I had the great pleasure of being a customer...

I had the great pleasure of being a client of Narkis Fashion. The service is excellent and the clothes of very good quality. They worked a miracle for me with a last minute request. They are honest, honest people who do their job with great professionalism. I'll be back to see you again. Thank you very much!

Posted by Stephanie on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 09/10/2021

I bought a wedding sari on...

I bought a made-to-measure wedding sari, we were received with my friends by very pleasant people who respected my wishes, I am totally delighted with my purchase, I am a plump woman and it was so easy to find me an outfit.
A big thank you to you

Posted by Cagalli on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 08/30/2021

Very warm welcome.

Very warm welcome.
Purchase made on the internet then appointment in store for the measurements of the dress.
Quick work and on time and very good value for money.
I would come back.

Posted by Evelyne on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 08/28/2021

For my Bollywood wedding

I bought a Lehenga for my Bollywood themed wedding.
The quality of the fabric and the jewels are breathtaking.
100% recommend I was a Bollywood diva.
Customer service nothing to say they totally manage and are extremely kind

Posted by Reshma on Trustpilot - 5 Stars on 08/11/2021

I am completely satisfied

I am totally satisfied with the lehenga I got for my wedding. The staff is very welcoming and gives us advice.

Posted by Lucile on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 07/25/2021

Great thanks!

Top thank you!
Good quality and very fast delivery!

Posted by Roxana on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 07/12/2021

I am very satisfied with my outfit

I am very satisfied with my outfit, the deadline is met, I recommend Narkis! Very professional

Posted by Malika on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 06/28/2021

An experience that begins by chance

An experience that begins by chance, even if, I know that I don't believe in chance at all! Every event has a meaning It's an experience that starts very well and ends just as well when, after almost getting lost on the way, I finally put a face to the one I've had on the phone several times and whose voice and the sweet expression reassured me every time! I was very well received, the model of sari chosen corresponded to the image and even it was more beautiful. The jewelry went very well with the saree. I am delighted and I highly recommend Narkis Fashion to all young future brides.

Posted by Charlotte on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 06/24/2021

Good evening, I am very satisfied with my…

Good evening, I am very satisfied with my order, impeccable size, sewing copies, thank you, I will be back

Posted by Anikati on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 05/10/2021

The order arrived quite…

The order arrived fairly quickly. The sari is beautiful and the tailoring is just perfect. I was very well advised, thank you!
I recommend 100%!

Posted by Aicha on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 04/16/2021

Pakistani Salwar

Top purchase
Satisfied with my purchase, I received very good advice
I'm a very picky customer
I wasn't convinced (and for good reason, I've already had to else for a custom dress and the result was carnage) but here the end result was exactly as I wanted, very professional and warm advisor with experience in her field and therefore feels extremely satisfied with my purchase everything went very well from start to finish
Knowing that my dress was made to measure, I had to come once for the measurements and then a second time to pick it up

A pleasure.
May ALaah bless your business.

Posted by Marine on Trustpilot - 5 stars, 25/03/2021

Very satisfied with my order. The dress is simply stunning. You have done a great job! I will recommend to you in the future.

Posted by Kenza on Trustpilot - 4 stars, 06/03/2021

Very good, better than in the photo

Posted by Isabelle on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 05/02/2021

Efficient customer service

Efficient customer service. Perfect delivery.

Posted by Claude on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 04/02/2021

Good product and fast delivery…

Good product and fast (express) delivery

Posted by Maïssa on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 01/24/2021

Very good

Very happy with my purchase, good communication, true to the ad. Great!

Posted by Sabrina on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 08/21/2020

Top service

Very efficient service that listens to needs.
The outfits ordered were made to measure.These are consistent with the photos and our requests
We were very satisfied with the result obtained.
I recommend and will not hesitate to come for my future events.

Posted by Fai rose on Trustpilot - 5 stars, 25/07/2020

The clothes are very good...

The clothes are of very good quality and are identical to the photos. The dresses are renewed regularly and follow the trend. An efficient, fast service and above all listening to customers with a warm welcome. I recommend it!

Posted by Irina on Trustpilot - 4 stars, on 04/30/2020

Very good

Very responsive and fast site, I recommend

Posted by Eva Olivia on Trustpilot - 4 stars, on 04/23/2020


I bought the first time on your website, I liked the fact that you would contact me for the free making of my choli, because I did not know it, I recommend to 100% the website or even the store. The prices are affordable for all budgets the saris are of good quality, you will not be disappointed. See you soon I hope.

Posted by Indira on Trustpilot - 5 stars, 24/03/2020

Well received

Well received, fast, efficient and professional after-sales service

Posted by Nathalie on Trustpilot - 4 stars, on 03/11/2020

The delivery time is not…

The delivery time is not explicit. I expected to be delivered 6 days after my order. It took 14 days. I couldn't get it for the event I bought it for.

Posted by Jacqueline on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 02/12/2020

I needed an Indian dress to…

I needed an Indian dress for a wedding but didn't have an hourglass figure, so I ordered it to measure. Being rather skeptical about orders on the internet, but not having an Indian store in my area, I ordered it by calling the company to have confirmation. I had a very nice person on the phone, who reassured me. I sent my measurements and I received my beautiful dress with the correct size.
Thank you

Posted by Fourahati on Trustpilot - 4 stars, on 01/17/2020

Good product

Good product, it corresponds to the representation of the site. Received on time and otherwise I am happy with my purchase.

Posted by Cathy on Trustpilot - 5 stars, 11/11/2019

Magnificent Salwar!!...

I am very satisfied with my purchase (salwar). The confection was respected according to my morphology. The color corresponds to the model presented on the site. My outfit made a strong impression during the evening with the quality of the embroidery and patterns. I recommend your site to future buyers. The date of dispatch and receipt was also respected. Thank you 👌😉😁

Posted by Agnès on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 10/30/2019


I am delighted with the 2 splendid outfits I had made to attend a wedding in India. Quality fabrics, magnificent colors and embroidery, beautiful sewing work, and an attentive, patient and warm welcome.
Thank you to the whole team
With my enthusiastic recommendations for future customers

Posted by Wided on Trustpilot - 5 stars on 04/08/2019

I was very satisfied

I was very satisfied, same rendering as in the photos.

Posted by Houmidati on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 07/13/2019

I validate ❤

I validate ❤ I'm happy to have ordered our wedding dress from you I love it 😊

Posted by Nandini on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 10/07/2019

Very satisfied with my beautiful package...

Very satisfied with my package very beautiful clothes I recommend to my friends

Posted by Sonia on Trustpilot - 4 stars, on 08/06/2019

First sari purchase

Very satisfied with my first sari purchase
My comment left for the making of my sari was respected
I had to alter my bustier at chest level because it was too large for a size 40 but otherwise nickel
I recommend

Posted by Aichat on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 05/28/2019

I recommend!!

Posted by Lois on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 05/21/2019

I highly recommend

Posted by Boisson on Trustpilot - 3 stars, on 05/11/2019

Finishes of clothes bought on sale…

Finishes of clothes purchased on average sales...at the seams...no overcasting...
Colors do not really match the image....for 2 same garments of the same size, the finish is a little different ....
Good quality fabric. Fast shipping .

Posted by Chaîma on Trustpilot - 5 stars, on 03/27/2019

I highly recommend Narkisfashion

I highly recommend Narkisfashion. I ordered 3 dresses for a wedding and the result was stunning. They are really professional and friendly.

Posted by Valérie on Trustpilot - 4 stars, on 05/03/2019

Good experience and nice sari

Posted by 13 on Trustpilot - 4 Stars on 02/13/2019

The dress is very beautiful. Thanks

I am delighted with my order.
The dress is very beautiful.
As in the photo.

Posted by Nourou on Trustpilot - 4 Stars on 01/02/2019

I recommend this site

I recommend this site, they do a very good job. The quality of the clothes is wonderful. Customer relationship guaranteed. I am satisfied with my purchases on this site.

Posted by Halima on Trustpilot - 5 Stars on 01/16/2019

Excellent site and service

Excellent site and service
Fast delivery
The product corresponds and meets my expectations perfectly
To be recommended

Posted by Yamihane on Trustpilot - 4 stars, 04/01/19

Saleswoman very attentive to requests...

Saleswoman very attentive to customer requests. I am satisfied both on the order and on the "support" of the latter. Thank you
I plan to place more orders.

Posted by Ibrahim on Trustpilot - 5 stars, 27/12/18


Product conforms to the photos and friendly after-sales service lady

Posted by Nico on Trustpilot - 5 stars, 20/11/18

Excellent service!!! I Recommend

Excellent service!
The lady was pleasant and was able to give great advice so that me & my wife look magnificent for our wedding.
If our marriage was successful it is partly thanks to their outfits!
Thank you!!

Posted by Sonia, Dept 34 - France, on 07/06/18

Bridal lehenga received quickly after sending and 15 days of making, very nice result and very precise with the measurements taken, can't wait for my big day to wear this wonder! Delighted with the service after experiencing a scam on another site, I recommend Narkis Fashion

Posted by Yousra, Dept 74 - France, on 26/05/18

I am really satisfied with my purchase The quality of the fabric is perfect...

Posted by Guillaume, Dept 80 - France, on 25/05/18

Fast shipping, the lady with whom I had the pleasure of talking was unparalleled kindness and the product is 100% compliant. I was impressed by the quality of the sari, everything is embroidered by hand and the materials are noble (chiffon). The level of detail on even the smallest elements are amazing and as small as they are, hand embroidered too! I recommend with great pleasure.

Posted by Babette, Dept 34 - France, on 11/04/18

I am delighted with my saris and your services. They are really very beautiful and up to my expectations. Thank you again very much for your professionalism.

Posted by Emen, Dept 20 - France, on 03/21/18

I received the order and it's really beautiful it fits me perfectly thank you very much

Mélissa - Belgium

A thousand thanks for sending my Saree.
He was absolutely perfect!!

Suzana - France

Very interesting site (especially during promotions). Very good quality items, correct size indication.

Miss Baneeah - France

I have received my Numair sherwani order. We are very satisfied with the garment and the delivery times. Thank you

Briatte - France

Received the package quickly, well packaged, the jhumkas are perfect, very big and of good quality

Cigdem - France

Team listened to our requirements, the outfit was perfect

Fatima - France

I have received the Panjabi set, it is magnificent. But you didn't respect the delivery date.
See you soon.

Sevda - Vosges

Thank you very much for your help, I really feel relieved, I was really scared during the first fitting, not knowing how to wear it. Thank you very much!

Naela 974 - Dom-Tom

I received my order about a week ago.
I ordered 2 sets of lehengas.
They are really beautiful, they fit really well and they are a hit with my entourage.
Narkis Fashion you are really on top.
I will recommend your site without hesitation and of course I will make other orders myself.
Thank you very much and see you soon....

Daron - France

I received my order this afternoon (white sari, adornment,...) I am very very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and the know-how as well as the products that make up my order made on your site !!! I thank you for your professionalism and for the two small additional gifts (bindi, tattoo).
I will recommend on your site,
I congratulate you and wish you good luck and a prosperous success!!!

Lisette - France

Thank you very much, your outfit was a huge success and my wedding went very well. So I'm going to call to make an appointment at the private showroom. I have taken note of your new address, thank you. See you soon

Emiliano - Italy

The sari is arrived now.
Thanks for the super fast shipping.
Best regards

Koraly - France

I bought my wedding outfits at this store. Warm and professional welcome at the rendezvous!!! Go for it!!!! They are on top!!!!



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