Payment method

Simply pay with your bank card

It's the fastest and most secure payment through the Stripe platform.

Simply pay with PAYPAL

PAYPAL is the undisputed leader in internet payments. You can use this method of payment with or without a PAYPAL account. It is a fast and completely secure process. With PAYPAL your order is fully insured. More information on:

Pay with a check

This payment method takes a little longer because we need to receive your payment and our bank can check it. It takes an average of eight days from the time you place an order to the time your order is shipped. You will receive all the information for this payment after the validation of your order.

Pay with a bank transfer

This payment method is ideal if you don't want to pay by credit card or check. After the validation of your order you receive all the banking information from our company in order to make the payment via your bank. In general, in France, the deadline for receiving a transfer is two days and five days for international. Upon receipt of payment your order is shipped.



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