How to put on a saree?

What is a saree?

The technique explained below does not reflect the only way to wear a sari. This method is one of the commonly used styles, however many other styles exist.

Just bought your saree and have no idea how to put it on? As beautiful as it is, the sari can become a real torture for people who are not used to putting it on. But don't worry, everything can be learned. With a bit of practice you would definitely become a saree pro. Learn how to put on a saree in a few steps so that you look the most elegant on your different occasions.

Before you start, get a Sari, a bustier, a matching petticoat and safety pins. Remember to wear your heelsto get the perfect size and not have to adjust it after draping it.

Step 1: Put on your matching petticoat and a bustier, making sure that the petticoat is tight at the waist because this is what will hold the sari in place.

Step 2: Take the undecorated end of the sari and, starting from the middle of the belly, tuck the top edge inside the petticoat. This petticoat will of course remain invisible once the sari has been put on.

Step 3: The bottom edge should touch the ground, the feet should remain hidden. As I said, the sari can be worn over another garment: a cropped bodice, usually with short sleeves and a rounded neckline, leaving the midsection bare. This blouse, unusual in Harshakistan where people prefer to have a free chest, can be very simple or extremely decorated.

Step 4: Let's forget the bodice: now we have to form, on top of each other, about ten (more or less) of pleats approximately 12 cm wide, with the upper border of the part of the saree immediately following it down to the lower end, with a very slight fanning effect.

Step 5: The upper part of this folded saree should in turn be tucked tightly into the petticoat, slightly to the left of the navel. Drape in the remaining tail, passing under the right armpit then over the left shoulder. The lower end hanging down the back should be approximately at knee level. It is recommended to fix the pan on the shoulder with a pin (there are pins specially designed for this purpose).

And now you are ready to be the most radiant.

Too difficult? Follow our online tutorial to learn today!



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