To order

1- Choose a category by clicking on the menu, a choice of categories will be offered to you where you can click and discover the products of the chosen category. Click on the product you want to buy. You can have a quick overview or click on the product for more information. The photo will expand so you can see it better.

2- Following the product description you have a field in which you can choose the quantity of product you want to order, the default quantity is only one product so if you want several you must absolutely specify it. Then click on the order button. You must also select your size and options for certain products such as saris (making the bustier, making the ready-to-wear sari, etc.). To know your size, click here.

3- An invoice appears with a partial total of your order (without shipping costs) you then have the choice between continuing your shopping or paying the invoice. If you haven't finished shopping, click on the button continue shopping otherwise click on the button proceed to order, then, order. You will surely see a small yellow padlock next to this button, this means that the payment is secure.

4- A page will ask you to enter personal data for billing, shipping and payment. You must fill in all the fields (empty squares) that have a small star on the left side. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, you do not need to specify it again. Then choose the method of payment and enter the information related to it. The shipping costs corresponding to your destination will be added automatically. Click on the finish button and you will have a printable invoice with all the information you just entered.

As soon as you click on the finish button, your order is taken into account and you can't change anything, before clicking on this button make sure you have finished your purchases. You can make changes to the products you have chosen (by removing, adding or modifying the quantity). Otherwise you have the option to resume shopping by clicking the return to cart button.



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