How far we've come since 2007, when we opened our physical store in Epinay and online, marking our journey in the Indian fashion sector. Several stands quickly came to complete the list of our presence: at the Grand Mariage Oriental fair, partnership at the Bollywood On Light fair, at Espace Reuilly, in shopping centers (Millénaire, Grande Porte in Montreuil) and others.

The result of a common commitment...

This success is not the result of chance, it is based on 3 essential points:

  • the permanent commitment of our employees to provide our customers with a unique experience by making their journey more pleasant and interactive.
  • sharing values ​​such as integrity with our employees.
  • the constant innovation pursued by the brand since its creation. Narkis Fashion is inspired by the latest Indian and Bollywood trends to offer ever more creative and trendy collections to its customers. Today, we no longer come to Narkis Fashion only for the fashionable outfits but also for the special advice of the collaborators. The online store has also found its audience all over the world.

Career prospects for passionate, motivated and inspired candidates...

We aim to expand our teams to be able to best meet the demands of our customers.

To complete the new teams, we continue to temporarily recruit sales or operations advisers, models, marketing assistants, therefore in the field of marketing, sales, fashion.

If you are convinced that our story can become yours, say yes to Narkis Fashion!
Say yes to our values, visions, inspirations, innovations.
Come develop your talent and proudly wear the colors of india!

All of the jobs below can be internships or temporary jobs (mission). Please clearly indicate the subject of the application (e.g. Internship/Mission), as well as the date(s) of your availability.

- Commercial Animator (M/F)

- Model (M/F)

- Sales Advisor (M/F)

- Community Manager Internship (M/F)

- Internship e-commerce assistant (M/F)

To apply

Send your cover letter followed by your CV to the following email address:

Internship at Narkis FashionDo you want to discover the professions of marketing assistant, stylist, sales, be at the heart of the web and Indian fashion professions? This is the opportunity to learn quickly and independently with us.

Being an intern or work-study student today means being an employee tomorrow.

Narkis Fashion wants you to grow by offering you an empowering professional experience, in autonomy alongside a professional expert.

You are really starting your professional life.

Accompanied on a daily basis by your manager, your privileged HR partner, you will have HR highlights like any employee: integration process, mid-term interview, job discovery, internship report.



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