Latest Wedding Sherwani Collections for Men in 2021

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Latest Wedding Sherwani Collections for Men in 2021

The Sherwani fashion in India and Pakistan go hand in hand. Sherwani defines personality, and most people prefer this fashionable style. Men have limited options to choose their outfit, so they prefer to wear the Sherwani to the barat event. If the groom wants to spend some time on planning the wedding dress, then he can browse for Men's Wedding Sherwani Collection. The Sherwani gives you a traditional look. Therefore, it is the preferred outfit for men who wish to flaunt a classy and dynamic conventional look. It can be worn at semi-formal events, festivals and other occasions.

This is an embroidered, knee-length, tight-fitting, full-sleeved tunic worn by men with a stand-up collar. It is known as long coat in Pakistan and India. Under the British regime, it is associated with the Muslim aristocracy. It is associated with pajamas, churidar, shalwar or dhoti for the lower body.

This outfit is most often accompanied by a kurta and a turban. During the British colonial period, it was worn as a uniform by the Mudaliyars in Sri Lanka. The Quaid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah frequently wore the Sherwani after Pakistan's independence. Following him, the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Men's Wedding Sherwani

Guests have always noticed the groom's wedding dress. So if you are slim, tall and have a healthy personality, wear a Sherwani; otherwise, opt for a suit. Sherwani are usually adorned with embroidery and patterns. We are going to present the latest collection of wedding sherwani for men by the best designers in the rest of the article.

Achkan Wedding Sherwani Collection

The word Achkan has driven out of the Angrakha style. The inhabitants of the subcontinent wore this type of outfit. The Achkan is distinguished from the Sherwani by its front-opening style. It has side opening strings tied and known as bazo bandi, but Sherwani has a front opening style. Achkan goes with shuridar (straight pants) or dhoti. Shoes suitable for the Achkan are the Peshawari chappal, Mojari, Jutti, Kholapuri and Paduka. See our slipper suggestions.

Achkan with different styles

There are different styles of Achkan, decorated with small-sized buttons and beautiful brooches. An elegantly embroidered Ashkan with a churidar contrasting with the pajamas, makes the groom attractive. The embroidered ashkan gives you the same attention as the bride.

Modest but elegant Achkan

Most brides don't like wearing heavy embroidered Achkans. There are also surprisingly simple Achkans with smart buttons. Below you can see, the model is wearing a long neck kurta and churidar pajamas. The bride and groom often wear a shawl or turban with the ashkan. You can easily pair a beautiful shawl with a Sherwani to achieve this look. Check out the trendiest engagement outfits for men here.

Symbol of royalty, the Achkan style

The following image shows you how the ashkan gives you a royal look. A stylish ashkan with golden embroidery and golden pajamas is a big hit. A blue velvet shawl with golden embroidery makes you look royal.

Men's Sherwani Angrakha Style

The angrakha is also known as the angarjha, worn by men from the subcontinent. People who can wear this type of dress with confidence can comfortably wear the Angrakha style sherwani. It features all kinds of sherwani elements like collars, cuffs, necklines and even mirrors.Rakasthani like to wear Angrakha style dress, also known as bandi

Exclusive Angrakha Silk Sherwani

A blue Angrakha-style silk sherwani with an embroidered neckline and cuffs and a matching dhoti is very attractive. The Khussa with the dhoti style gives you a traditional vibe. This outfit is not only for the groom but also for the other men in the wedding. The navy blue color will calm your personality, and the intense blue color will give a clear and restorative thought. Try this suggested look.

- Brown Angrakha Sherwani

The brown angrakha style sherwani with white pants is very well proportioned. It highlights your main features. Using the following image, you can see the color contrast, for example. He wears a Kussa color matched with Aligadhi style pants. You can take great ideas from this suggested look.

- Indo-Pakistani Western Sherwani

1960 and 1970 are the years when Asian culture inspired the West. It was the time when the West was under the influence of Asian culture. Therefore, they were inspired and added Asian trends. Some Asian and Western collections accessible to men are Jodhpuri suites, Angrakha kurtas, kurtas with jackets and Achkan.
  • Lovely Sherwani in jacquard silk

It's a printed and slightly embroidered jamawar outfit with elegant embroidery. The model is wearing a gold sherwani. The pocket brooch highlights the jacquard print.

  • Superb collection of Sherwani for men

The pastel pink color gives you a soft look. The round neck jacket with styles and gold jewelry reflects our rich culture. It's a modern Sherwani but shows off the good features of the wearer.

Fancy Jacket Sherwani

The jacket-style sherwani is a beautiful blend of traditional Asian and Western designs. It is shorter and suitable for taller men. This shorter cut dress can be worn barat and reception. It is made of fabulous materials like raw silk, tusser, jamwar and banarasi and is easy to wash and clean.


If you follow bollywood movies, you should know that a lot of styles exist like Sherwani Anarkali, Jhodapuri, Chipkan, and many more. In conclusion, there are a large number of models, whether Pakistani or Indian style. The bride and groom don't need to worry about finding their wedding attire. That said, we are here to guide you in your choice. Browse our men's sherwani collections by clicking here or contact us.


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