Sari Dress By Narkis Fashion

Sari Dress By Narkis Fashion

Discover the exclusive sari dress from Narkis Fashion!

The sari dress has become a real trend, it is an outfit that we see everywhere on our favorite stars, actresses, singers and also on the catwalks of the greatest designers! The sari dress gives a chic and elegant look. Lady Diana, Shakira, Blake Lively and even Charlize Theron swear by this look...

In this article we will tell you about the sari dresses worn by your favorite stars. Then we'll reveal the special Narkis Fashion creation!

The Sari is an essential outfit in Indian fashion. It is an outfit known all over the world. And its success is not limited to India!

Indeed, many world famous stars have worn outfits inspired by Indian fashion. In particular sari dresses known for their resemblance to the traditional sari while combining the elegance of a dress.

These stars have chosen to show their appreciation of Indian fashion through the famous Sari Dress that we have seen during many events such as Golden Glob Awards, Emy Awards and even. Let's take a look back at the different looks of stars in Sari dresses:

1. Lady Diana

Fashion icon Lady Diana in Sari Dress, one of her most beautiful outfits worn in Thailand in 1988. This dress was created by designer Catherine Walker, French fashion designer. This outfit is even on display at Kensington Palace along with her other most memorable outfits. Its cut is simple but the effect is there! Lady Diana was surely the most elegant during her banquet in Bangkok.

Gown Saree Narkis Fashion

2.Blake Lively

The famous Gossip Girl actress was at the Met Gala on the arm of Karl Lagerfeld, of whom she was the muse (for Chanel). She wore a lace dress covered with a veil worn over the shoulder like a traditional Sari. For this creation, Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by Bollywood stars!

Blake Lively Narkis Fashion Sari

3.Paris Hilton

The fashion for Sari dresses hasn't stopped. Indeed, the young Paris Hilton also wore a Sari Dress created by Malini Ramani for the launch of her bag boutique in 2012. This outfit was inspired by Shilpa Shetty, a very popular actress in India.

Many other big stars such as Shakira, Hayden Panettier and Charlize Theron have worn the sari dress. Their outfits caught the eye. Since then, the Sari Dress has not ceased to be reinvented according to the tastes of the day.

It is with this in mind that Narkis Fashion has decided to offer you a special creation.

Narkis Fashion has always been able to adapt to the needs of its customers, so the brand innovates very regularly. And helps to make Indian fashion accessible to everyone, while remaining modern and trendy.

For this new year 2022, Narkis Fashion presents its version of the Sari Dress. This new creation is a real revisit of the traditional sari, a perfect mix between a dress and a Sari. You will find the drape of the traditional sari while adding a chic and trendy side.

sari Gown Narkis Fashion

It is a ready-to-wear dress, without any difficulty to put it on thanks to its invisible zipper on the back. At the front you will notice the embroidered details in gold thread as well as the borders on the sleeves. It is this meticulous work that accentuates the trendy side of the dress. Its golden belt emphasizes the waist and visually refines your silhouette. This helps to accentuate your femininity and the glamorous side.

Robe Sari Narkis FashionGown Sari Narkis Fashion Saree

The Sari Dress is perfect for women who want to change their look, for an evening or for a special event such as a wedding, engagement or even a gala or a banquet

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