Narkis Fashion dresses the Musical SIDDHARTHA L'Opéra Rock

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Narkis Fashion dresses the Musical SIDDHARTHA L'Opéra Rock

You've probably seen the posters in the metro or on the panels at the edges of the ring road. You may have listened to the songs on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. This name reminds you of clips you may have seen on TV…

Yes, SIDDHARTHA l’Opéra Rock is the musical of the moment even before its launch. An incredible production is behind this future success story supported by TF1, AuFeminin, Le Parisien, Molotov TV, and distributed to the Fnac.

Affiche métro de la Comédie Musicale SIDDHARTHA L'Opéra Rock en partenariat de MolotovTV, Le Parisien, Narkis Fashion, FNAC, AuFeminin ou encore TF1. La Comédie Musicale commencera sa tournée au Palais des Sports de Paris.

Metro poster of the Musical Comedy SIDDHARTHA L'Opéra Rock in partnership with MolotovTV, Le Parisien, FNAC, AuFeminin and TF1, and dressed by Narkis Fashion. The Musical Comedy will begin its tour at the Palais des Sports in Paris.

And you know what? Outfits, costumes & accessories are produced and carefully crafted by your favorite team: Narkis Fashion !

The SIDDHARTHA L’Opéra Rock & Narkis Fashion project took almost two years to complete. Several hundred hours of work per month. A team dedicated to this project alongside the traditional services that serve you day to day.

It's a very nice project that is seeing the light of day today.

A colorful show, with one of the best show productions in France; the one who notably directed Les Misérables, which toured all over the world for nearly 3 years.

SIDDHARTHA L'Opéra Rock avec en rôle principal Inca.  Une photographie de Philippe Frétault.
SIDDHARTHA The Rock Opera starring Inca. A photograph by Philippe Frétault.

SIDDHARTHA The Rock Opera retraces the beautiful story of Buddha. The cultural, spiritual adventure of a man who goes from the wealth of a Prince of an Indian kingdom to spiritual wealth by becoming a Buddha.

We took on this challenge thanks to you!

Your support, your trust since 2007 now, allows us to see things even further.

Other beautiful projects are coming very soon to please and surprise you.

It's time for Narkis Fashion to step into the spotlight!

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