The first textile masks in Indian pattern are finally arriving in France!

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The first textile masks in Indian pattern are finally arriving in France!

The mask has become an essential part of the routine. It is for this reason that Narkis Fashion is launching its collection of straight masks from India created by our designers to match your outfits.

Tuesday July 14, after more than two months of confinement, we are still seeing changes in public transport and in your workplace where masks are mandatory. The WHO always recommends wearing a mask when leaving your home, during gatherings (wedding, party, outing) and compulsory in certain circumstances. Since July 20, the mask has become compulsory everywhere in France.

So why wear all-white textile masks? Let's stay safe and economical while staying on top of fashion! These masks (non-medical) are mostly 100% cotton and allow you to match your outfits whatever the pattern, color, shape. In this idea, here is a selection of some pretty models.

Note: these masks are not approved and are not intended to be a medical device, they provide protection from sputters. These masks must be changed every three hours, washed afterwards and reusable after washing.

Urban - Plain fabric

These beautiful plain textile masks are perfect for every day. In addition to being elegant, they are 100% cotton and straight made by Indian artisans. If you are sensitive to different fabrics, we advise you to opt for a cotton mask that will let your skin breathe without causing you allergic problems. All masks are lined per layer so reversible and patterned. Portable easily with the elastics on both sides, washable and reusable, opt for an economical and practical decision!

Batik – Printed fabric

  • Batik patterns are known for being wild and fashionable. You dare ? So that's ideal. Do you have an explosive character? So try to have a suitable mask, it is now possible to stand out with just a mask!

Fiesta - Embroidered Fabric

The most fashionable today at Narkis Fashion, these masks embroidered with floral patterns or Indian patches are perfect for staying authentic. With this rich and classy side, you will know how to have the compliment of your colleagues, friends, families.

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