The sari: the essential Indian garment for the Indian woman!

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The sari: the essential Indian garment for the Indian woman!

An Indian dress that combines traditional beauty, glamor and elegance is the Indian Sari. This fashionable, chic and trendy outfit has been a must-have for several centuries in India. This magnificent traditional outfit is the symbol of Indian culture. All over the world, the sari has become the identity of Indian women. The Indian Sari is one of the most traditional Indian dresses but Narkis Fashion makes you discover different styles of this so emblematic Indian sari through the unique patterns and embroideries. Wear these sarees elegantly for your very special Indian-themed event thanks to the multiple pleats in the middle of the skirt creating a slim and slender feminine silhouette.

The 4 Bollywood celebrities in Indian Sari!

The Indian sari is an outfit that dazzles all women. The Indian sari is currently among the top most worn garments in the world. It has conquered all women thanks to its appearance which is both simple and elegant. And this conquest is not ready to stop. This is why we always continue to make them and add even more ornaments to them so that our wedding sarees are up to date with the current trend and fashion. If you do not yet have an Indian sari, we offer you a wide range of designer sari. So make your choice now on our website

The 4 Hollywood celebrities in Indian Sarees!

There are also other traditional outfits such as the salwar kameez, lehenga choli or the modern Indian dress but none can replace the saree. The sari is the perfect outfit for any occasion, a party, a wedding, evenings or other festivities. The sari can give you a different look in terms of the way you wear it, the choice of colors, the material, the embroidery... It gives a grace to the feminine silhouette. This is the reason why this garment holds a special place in the hearts of Indian women. In addition, it fits women of any age. The sari, this traditional Indian garment makes mature women look younger and young women look mature and radiant.

The sari must be worn with a bustier and a petticoat. Narkis Fashion presents you the 1 minute sari including the ready-to-wear sari. The ready-to-wear sari is made in the shape of a skirt with the pleats in the middle of the skirt. It is easy and very comfortable to wear for saree lovers. To be unique, you can make your bustier with different models according to your taste. Bustier with long sleeves, short, sleeveless with different collars. You can extend the height of the bustier to cover the belly.

The style of Indian sari worn by Indian women changes according to the occasion. The silk saree is worn for religious celebrations or marriage. The chiffon saree with the embroidery is worn during the evenings, engagement, reception. Narkis Fashion offers you a wide variety of Indian saree, designer saree, traditional saree, bollywood saree, wedding saree, lehenga saree and many others. According to the current trend, the sari with thread embroidery with long sleeves is the most famous in India.
Wear the Indian saree with the right accessories at parties, you will be very elegant andgraceful!

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