Embellish your look with the Bollywood Sari!

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Embellish your look with the Bollywood Sari!

One of the major influences on fashion trends in India are the clothes worn in Bollywood films by actors and actresses. Their outfits can create new styles, rekindle interest in vintage outfits, and become iconic garments remembered and loved by many generations. Obviously, sarees have been widely represented as "Bollywood" over the years. At one time, the majority of heroines like Sridevi, Jeyapradha, Rekha only wore sarees, as these were considered not only the most beautiful but also the most "appropriate". Even now, when Western fashions have energized the screen with stars like Priyanka chopra, Deepika Padukone, nothing can beat the grace and allure of a saree. This is why many women like to buy Bollywood sarees inspired by Bollywood stars.
Saris Célébrités par Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra

When it comes to the saree, Bollywood cinema has inspired many trends over the years, both on and off screen. Yash Chopra films are the main reason behind the existence of chiffon sarees which have become so popular today as silk sarees were famous not only nationally but also internationally thanks to actresses like Rekha and Vidya Balane.
We can accessorize outfits inspired by the style of Bollywood film actresses. For example, chiffon sarees can be worn for various semi-formal and formal occasions, but should be accessorized in a simple and subtle way with jewelry or Indian adornments. Several actresses mark their signature with an atypical style thanks to necklaces, pearl earrings being a good way to emphasize the feminine elegance of the sari. We can take the example of Vidya Balane who stands out with a colorful pearl necklace paired with a traditional outfit.
Sari Traditionnel inspiration Bollywood
Too much jewelry or too much extravagance will just be weird. Silk sarees also don't need a lot of accessories. However, the added parts can be in gold. As seen on the red carpet, a pair of gold earrings or a Gold Kundan necklace is the best way to complete the look. Bollywood actresses usually opt for a more modern and glamorous saree not wishing to wear a lot of accessories. You may have noticed that they usually wear a light diamond necklace or gemstone studded earrings.
Be the fashionista by opting for this Bollywood style! For more information on the bollywood saree or the matching jewelry, visit our website

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