10 foolproof tricks to look slimmer in Indian attire

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10 foolproof tricks to look slimmer in Indian attire

All women are beautiful regardless of their body type. That said, looking thin is something that crosses our minds, isn't it? Know that you do not need to deprive yourself for months for this. With simple tricks, games of colors, shapes and poses, you can get there. We tell you everything

  1. The high-waisted skirt: An optical illusion not to be overlooked, ladies

Just like high-waisted pants, high-waisted lehenga skirts are always a must to elongate a silhouette, while the low waist (sexier, we grant you!) is unparalleled for marking the waist. small beads which escape from it. By marking your waist higher, you lengthen your legs, while sheathing your hips. Unstoppable!

  1. Favor Pakistani palazzo pants

For women with generous thighs, we have very good news! Palazzo pants are your best friend. In addition to being trendy, it completely erases your complex by densifying the lower leg and highlights your bust by optically refining the top. Be warned, if you're petite in stature, these pants may make you look even shorter.

  1. The long dresses – elegant and flowing

By hiding the few imperfections of overly strong legs, the long, flowing ankle-length dress slims the silhouette for a trendy and refined style. It is possible to keep or not keep pants underneath that will not show (unless you are dancing!).

  1. Plunge V-neck sari bodice

When you have curves, it's usually placed everywhere including strategic places - where you need it! A plunging V neckline will highlight the desirable gable of the chest, will balance the entire bust by redefining its curves and will refine the silhouette all in verticality. Bingo, kill three birds with one stone!

  1. Sleeves and Length

Apart from the sarees, where we advise you to keep the sleeves short to show off the arms that are thinner than your shoulders, for the rest, you have to be careful! Beware of tops and other sleeveless dresses that highlight slightly bulky arms. Sleeves that aren't too tight, a nicely draped dupatta and you're done.

  1. Plain Pattern

It might not be easy to miss out on a large patterned lehenga in multiple colors but we have to remember our goal - to look slim! On the parts of the body that make us complex, we avoid extravagant prints, daring pleats and other lamé or pop color materials, for

opposition, to our strengths (generous chest, marked waist, pretty legs, etc.) to direct the gaze where we want. Easy.

7. Favor dark colors

It's well known that white should be avoided for people with generous silhouettes. The total black look that slims down is well known. Black, of course, but the total look can quickly fall into the bereaved widow category. Navy blue, anthracite gray or burgundy are happier alternatives. The good news ? It works with all colors. In monochrome, we play on verticality and the unified silhouette lengthens. We like bright and dark colors. Beware of the lightest shades, which tend to grow.The must: the sari!

8 – Watch out for fabrics!

Cotton, jersey, silk, muslin and all fine and supple materials are acceptable. But beware of velvets, tweeds and other thick fabrics which densify the silhouette, as well as satin, champion of molding beads.


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