Nabila Beige Pakistani Dress / Salwar

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Exclusive dress in Indo-Oriental style composed of a long dress entirely embellished with pearls, golden threads, sequins and stones. a flared skirt or/and chic matching pants with a shawl makes this costume very fashionable. You have the possibility to wear this outfit in 2 ways either with an oriental princess style skirt or chic style pants so 2 styles in 1 single outfit.

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Colour: Beige
Material: Tulle dress, silk trousers and skirt banglori and the soft tulle shawl
Composition: Silk and Polyester
Number of pieces: 4 i.e. the long dress, the skirt, the trousers and the shawl

You have the possibility to order this outfit with the following options

  • Dress with skirt
  • Dress with pants
  • Dress with skirt and pants

Price will vary depending on your choice of option.



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